About Us

We might be well known now, yet Rios Interiors did not start that way. Before Jonathan established Rios Interiors Corp., as a teenager, he worked at his father’s painting company on weekends and during the summer. During that time, he learned the painting trade along with carpentry, wallpaper installation, and decorative plaster finishing.

By learning different trades and a little about business ownership from his father, Jonathan developed a true vision and desire to own his own construction company one day. Understanding that there was much to learn about successfully owning and operating a business, after graduating from high school, he attended Queens College with a Major in Economics.

With his extensive and practical hands-on experience while working for his father and his college education (focusing on economics), Jonathan was ready to take his entrepreneurial spirit and commence a journey toward his vision.

Jonathan took the leap and launched Rios Interiors Corp. in 2009. Equipped with a team whose combined experience is well over 20 years, he has created a quality that’s become synonymous with the brand of Rios Interiors.

Jonathan is known for regularly walking a site, and Rios Interiors takes personal responsibility for ensuring exceptional service and quality.